Safari Planning

Planning a custom Safari to Africa is a great decision, and the second is choosing us as your travel planner, but now it's time to look at the actual planning and the details of that Photo Safari dream trip.

Safari Planning Where to Begin

  • The first step in the Safari planning process is to decide how many days you can be away from home.  Past experience dictates the fewest days for a reasonable Safari would be nine, that's basically one week plus a weekend away from home.  Some properties offer discounts or free nights if the Safari/Hotel stay is longer.  Since it is a distant destination, the average client usually spends twelve to fourteen days.  If time away isn't a major factor, we can keep you enthralled for three weeks or even longer.
  • The second step in planning a Photo Safari is to decide how much you are going to budget per person for the Safari and what level of accommodations you require.  Whether you are looking for World Class "5 Star" accommodations or boutique stays we can make recommendations.  We aren't into "roughing it" so are geared for up-market travelers, and don't use any accommodations that are below a "Three Star" rating.  Right now the region offers the best travel value, and "bang for the buck" of any destination we frequent.  The Dollar is stronger (Better buying power) than it has been in recent history
  • The third step in planning a Wildlife Safari is what are your personal interests or "Hot Buttons".  Is game viewing going to be the focus, are you interested in specific species?  How important is general touring and sightseeing or even cultural or ecological activities going to be?  Are you interested in playing some of the best golf courses in Africa?  You can do it all, but it is helpful to us if there is a particular interest we can offer suggestions about.

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