Argentina, France, India, Russia, South Africa, & Turkey

Outstanding Tours and Vacations to Other Destinations

We have developed outstanding private tours to these wonderful destinations over the years.  The itineraries, guides, and properties we recommend have taken several years to develop, but are all delightful and very special.

We spend a month or more in these countries most years to insure our travel recommendations are up to date.  We want to make sure that they remain your best travel choices.  With few exceptions, the choice of guides can substantially increase the quality of your in-country experience.  We are always on the lookout for guides that approach their work with a passion that becomes self evident the moment you first meet them.

Argentina: There are many outstanding destinations and worthwhile tour experiences in this delightful country.  Among them stands out the wine & food experience in the Mendoza wine region.  Your knowledgeable guide will share with you more than just the technical aspects of the wines you are drinking.  Their passion is in the drinking, not just the tasting, when paired with great cuisine.

France:  Because of the strong Euro and weak dollar, any destination in Europe has become a real challenge.  France is no exception, but my wife Marie Jean is up to the task.    She spends a month there scoping out the bargains each year. She can even lead the tour, as she is a Francophile and completely fluent in French.  Be sure to check out the French Barge Tours.

India: For those travelers who want to see wild tigers, we have the perfect Indian Safari for you.  We combine two different wildlife reserves that feature excellent accommodations, with a stunning side trip to see the Taj Mahal.  The game viewing is excellent, and the Taj Mahal actually lives up to its hype. India Safari

South Africa: There are three lesser known, but never the less outstanding, game reserves in different parts of South Africa that offer “Big Five” game viewing and offer truly great African Safari experiences.  They are all assessable from either Johannesburg or Cape Town.  In addition, there are non-game touring activities such as the Garden Route.

Russia: While Russia is a huge country, the best attractions are found in only two cities, Moscow and St. Petersburg. This no nonsense vacation offers the very best of what Russia has to offer.  The best museums are in the Kremlin and of course the Hermitage in the beautiful city of St Petersburg, and then the close by Czar Palaces. Russia Itinerary

Turkey:  Unless you have already visited there, and then you already know, this is a real sleeper destination, and should be high on your “Bucket List”.  This is a totally delightful country, and features more Roman ruins than there are in Italy, and more Grecian ruins then can be found in Greece.  It’s pro- American, non-Arab, and completely safe.

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