Argentina Touring

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When it comes to Argentina tours, there are many options based on the amount of time and budget.  Tours in Argentina start in Buenos Aires, a city of just under 13 million in greater BA.  The city is called the Paris of South America from its architecture and ambiance. Unlike almost all other cities in South America, Buenos Aires has the cosmopolitan feel of a grand European city.  There are lots of fun places to explore, stopping at one of the many outside cafes, resting up from all that leather shopping. We have the guides that know the city.  Exploring on your own is a little more tricky, but certainly doable, but a knowledge of the Spanish language is helpful.  Remember, the seasons are reversed.

Iguazu Falls is the second largest water fall in the world, and certainly worth a couple of days in your Argentine tour itinerary.  Its beauty is spectacular, either from the walkways above or from a boat on the river below.

The glaciers of El Calafate are another very worthy excursion if time permits or upon your return visit. (Oh, you will want to return to Argentina) We will have you stay in a delightful hotel overlooking the largest lake in Argentina.  The primary glacier is Perito Moreno, one of 13 in the area. Plan a minimum of two nights here.

Patagonia Argentina is a huge area and to do it all could take an entire vacation, so concentrate on a couple of areas.  Bariloche is the main city, and the primary ski destination.  It’s situated on a beautiful glacial lake and boasts one of the best hotels on the entire Continent.  But my favorite place in Patagonia is Tipiliuke; I enjoy the horseback riding and skiing in season, and of course I love to go fishing on the Estancia.  If you are a golfer Jack Nicolson just finished a superb championship golf course there.

The Mendoza wine region in Argentina shouldn’t be missed, go to Mendoza wine tours.

Be forewarned that air travel inside the country all goes through Buenos Aires.  This can make getting from one great spot to the next somewhat time consuming.  But that’s the only down side of this delightful country.