Internet & Cell Phones

Many of the camps now have internet service via a satellite, and have a guest computer with internet capability.  Some charge and others offer this service for free.

Cell phone coverage is available at many locations, even in the bush.  They use GSM SIM card technology but operate on a different band width.  Many US phones are now tri-band and work well there.  Cell providers in the US such as ATT and T-Mobile will work, but you must notify them in advance to activate International Roaming on your phone.  Verizon users need to call before traveling.  Be courteous and either turn your cell phones off or on airplane mode.

I Phones, Androids, and Blackberrys will work with data transmissions as well.  Many International Airports offer in-country cell phone rental.  

Unless you have T Mobile data roaming and phone calls are expensive. 

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