Client Testimonials

Satisfied Safari Clients Have Built Our Business

We have built our business by satisfying our customers’ desires to have a hassle free Safaris and genuine good times.  Here’s what some of our recent customers have to say:

No question, the absolute best trip that my wife and I have ever been on.  To my surprise, Africa is a very romantic place in so many ways; excellent food, first class accommodations, amazing views and experiences and all you have to do is enjoy!  I have been using Chuck Larsen to put exotic trips together for me and my businesses for many years, and there is no finer organizer than Chuck and his team.  Make a decision to go and the rest is on him.  I highly recommend Africa and I can’t wait to go back. Tom Morgan; Charlotte, NC

Just talking about it and planning for it cannot touch the sheer amazement of the African experience.  This deep experience, also with the staff will be imprinted on us forever and has changed our lives.  We came home to Africa. It will never leave us wherever we go.  Thank you. Jim & Liz Munson; Atlanta, GA

My wife, Jean, and I booked a trip through Burnt Pine Safari to South Africa.  We initially went to Cape Town and spent three days there and a couple of days in the surrounding wine country.  The whole trip was a resounding success.  We then went to two different “camps” outside Kruger National Park; they were located in roughly opposite corners of the Kruger.  Our pictures will provide a lifetime of memories.  One day, we came upon a beautiful leopard “mom” who was stalking a prey; she looked back at the Land Rover with a pleading expression: “ssshhhh, please be quiet, I’m hunting”.  The animals are accustomed to seeing the vehicles and consider them part of the environment allowing fantastic opportunities to get quite close to many species and thereby providing great photo-ops with even “point and shoot handheld cameras”.  This is truly a trip of a lifetime – you cannot afford to miss the opportunity. Jamie & Jean Jacobs; Lexington, KY

In the process of traveling with Burnt Pine Safaris, wonderful friendships have been established along with unimaginable lifetime experiences which have literally changed my life.  We have enjoyed Jet Boat riding and bungee jumping in Queenstown, NZ; the Rovos Rail from Cape Town to Pretoria in So. Africa; a tent safari in Kenya; the magical history, beauty and romance of Prague in the Czech Republic, Budapest in Hungary and Vienna in Austria; and getting soaked in the majestic Iguaçu Falls in the northern end to freezing at the massive El Calafate glaciers in the southern end of Argentina.  All of these tours have been accompanied with the highest level of accommodations and eating/drinking experiences.  We look forward to each opportunity with the certainty that it will exceed our anticipations.  Our experiences always exceed our expectations.  Thank you, Chuck, for all the detailed planning that you do, and continue to do, for us.  I can’t wait for the next trip whatever that may be and wherever that may take us…... Hal & Lee Lamb, Atlanta, GA