Food & Dining

The regional cuisine is varied and very good.  From the unique native dishes like babuti to the game meats you may encounter, all are excellent table fare.  When game is served, there is always a chicken, beef, or pork alternative.  Vegetarians or special diets are accommodated with pleasure. 

Their word for BBQ is Braai, and they do a lot of it. Usually at the bush camps one dinner will be served in the Boma around a crackling fire  featuring an extravagant braai  

While the water is usually safe to drink in South Africa, or will be posted otherwise.  Not so in East Africa.  But all destinations offer bottled water as an alternative choice. 

The bush camps seem to be in competition with one another to provide the best and most lavish array of well-prepared meals. No one leaves Africa hungry!

Cape Town restaurants offer the some of the finest cuisine on the entire African continent. The Cape Town accommodations tend to be on the high side, not so for their restaurants.  Expect meals to be very reasonable, and a very good bottle of wine for $19 

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